I listen to alot of podcasts and it is a great resource to learning and exposure that is fairly recent development to the photography world. I remember a non digital age. One of the many episodes of other photographers metioned that we should shoot all the time. This tip was not realized in my journey until years later. I had a client that need photos for art in the office that was being remodled. Unfortunately for me the time of year was not suitable for getting the images they were looking for.   I remember in the struggle that podcast and the advice therein.  After that time I been shooting any and everything that I find interesting, wherever I may find myself. I have found that at times there are images I took casually or without purpose in that moment turned around later to be successful and purchased many times over. Just shoot all the time was good advice.

March 21, 2022 Thomas Pate

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    There is always an ongoing battle between being creative and the technical. Balancing the temptation to buy gear to better the photography. This is an endless debate and while I have benefitted from better tech and gear the struggle to find the best image comes from challenging the way I look at the world. Sometimes it is playing by the rules and often magic can happen when you ignore it.  Gear is subtractive, plain and simple. 

    What do I mean by substractive? I find it is just like music, you can put a cheap instrument into the hands of a master and they will make it sing, it make hinder or subtract the artist but will not be a barrier.  I find photo gear to fall into the same role.  Just like with music, you could put a great instrument in the hands of a novice and it will benefit him no more than the fantasy that it will improve the player. If however the player/photographer masters the craft then the best instrument will cut like a laser through the distractions and sing in the hands of the master. In another way, a surgeons scalpel does not good to those that only know how to use a spoon. 

    I seek to master my craft and at the same time attain the creativity that will give the images that elusive something that moves them from a snapshot to a photographic art.  I ask the question of images, would I stare at it or does it pass as a breath into irrelevance. 

March 9, 2022 / 19:39 EST

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I have been part of a BNI group for many years with another company my brother and I own. We have a new SEO guy in the group and he said we should all have a blog. Well since this is really my passion I chose to do it here instead of doing one for the appliance store, and I hope photography will be a better read.  If you happen to be reading this and have a comment I would like to here from you. I enjoy making images but the companion to the creative process is getting to know people. I am not sure which I enjoy more.  I am curious if anyone will ever read this.  As always forgive the bad grammar. 

Tuesday March 8th 2022 07:57:00

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