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It's Going to Be Epic

First Thing First, 

Let's Get You There

If you get lost just call 513-623-3020

we are in the door on the left marked  770

How Do I Get My Photos

It is simple and easy to download your images to your computer or mobile device at anytime. You can also share with friends and Family simply by giving them your password. There are other sharing options just give us a call and we can go over the details.

Your photos will be in a folder under your name or company your will generally find two galleries.

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You final image folder will have the photos selected by the photographer that have been edited. If there is any changes, such as cropping or background color change, just let us know. This is also the gallery you can download from.

Your proofs gallery will have everything taken day of and will even sometimes have test shots. After you get you final images if you find some another shot you want added from the proof just let us know and it will get edited and moved over.

How To Download?

If you package includes free downloads you will see an icon by each photo

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The arrow pointing down icon will download to your computer, or if you are using a mobile device simple long press on the photo and save to your device. If you have any issues we are happy to give fast tech support.

How To Prepare For  The Shoot

The moment you book your session is exciting...and scary! What should you wear? How should you prepare? There are so many things! Here are a few tips to help you feel prepared for our shoot:

What To Wear

Select your clothing options and accessories to wear during your headshot photo shoot and put them in a bag the day before your headshot photography session, so you're not stressing to find and assemble them the next day. A headshot photo pictures the shoulders, or mid-chest, up to the top of the head, so the shirt is the most important item. We'll also get some full body shots. If you are not sure what you want to wear feel free to bring options with you.

Avoid shirts with busy patterns, as they distract from your face. Go for a solid colored shirt that elongates or features your neck. So, turtlenecks are out, as are solid black and solid white shirts, as they wash out your skin tone. This is not an issue if you are layering with a jacket etc.   Also avoid clothing with large logos. We don't want anything to distract from your face and eyes.


If you can, drink plenty of water in the week prior to your headshot phootshoot, as this will keep your skin smooth and clear. Try to eat healthy foods, as fried and salty foods cause bloating and water retention. Also avoid sun exposure, which can make you look tired and leave your skin irritated. Get plenty of sleep!


Choose a haircut and hairstyle a week or two in advance, as freshly cut hair can look strange on camera. Understanding that you should look like your headshot photograph, so if you coming in from a modeling agency choose a hairstyle that you can easily recreate for your auditions.  A neutral style that highlights the natural curve and shape of your face is always the best choice for an acting headshot.

Facial Hair

Prepare your facial hair for your headshots by trimming, plucking and/or choosing a style for shaving facial hair in advance. Knowing that plucking can leave red marks, and bleaching can irritate skin, be sure to do these things a couple of days before your session.


Avoid anything that may stain your teeth on the day of your headshot photographs. If your teeth are noticeably yellowed or stained, invest in having them professionally cleaned and whitened, but don't worry if you don't have the time or money, we can easily get the same result with a little bit of Photoshop magic.

Nails (Yes, Nails!)

Your hands may end up in some of our shots, so get a manicure for your nails. For women choose a neutral, skin tone polish, or a clear coat, so as not to distract from your face. For men a clean trim is enough.

Call anytime,

If you have any questions even if you feel that are silly, please don't hesitate to ask.

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