Ross Legacy Championship 2020

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If you missed last years photos there is a link at the bottom of the page.

Questions?Just shoot an email to



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How do I download? 

-There is a download icon to the left of the buy button on if you are using a desktop and will show on some mobile devices, if you do not see the icon (arrow pointing down to a line ) then long press on your phone and select option to save photo. If you still need help , follow the link below to instructional videos.

What if I can't get it to work or have trouble with the site,?

- Just send an email to and one of our photographers will get back to you after the competition images are completed. Each Image has a unique file number for reference.

How Long will it take to get the images?

- Usually the images are all done in about a week, and will process  in the order of the performance schedule, however that time may change depending on the amount of photos taken. We precessed over 39,000  images for the Ross Championship last year so just be patient it will be worth the wait. 

Love what we do want us to come to your comp, or your photo shoot?

- We are ready for any challenge you want to throw at us and relish the chance to meet new people and work in new environments so just drop us an email or give us a call.

We want one of the posters that were presented to each school group at the entrance, how can we get one of those.

- Every year we provide a rigid 2x3 foot poster to each group participating, on the back is the signatures of the Ross choral students and staff. If you would like another just contact us and we can give you the details , if you just want a paper copy they can be ordered on this page above.

Can we get special crops or edits of our favorite performer?

- Not a problem, send us an image reference number and we can get with you to cut, crop, skin smooth or specialty edit the way you want it.

Can I get these images without a watermark (logo)?

- Sure thing, the very small water mark is on the images for the free downloads but can be removed just send us an email and we can remove the water mark for you to prints you wish purchase..


Images are free to download (full resolution!) thanks to the Ross Choral Program. Free downloads be available to at least 30 days after the competition, afterwards the images will remain on our site for purchase indefinitely.  All Galleries on this page are set to free download except the posters gallery. 

Your Photographes today are 

Thomas Pate / Steve Wegman / Griffin May (student photographer)

Special Thanks to Mike Ziepfel for the graphic design

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